ISBN: 9781681460963
eISBN: 9781633557864

Dark Labyrinth

by David McCormick

Three thousand five hundred years ago on the island of Kalliste, a volcano threatens to erupt. The islanders, including Paleus, his family, and friends sail to the island of Kaptaria. Talented artist Paleus finds work painting murals in the palace and falls in love with the king's youngest daughter - but the match can never be, due to their different ranks. Soon violence rocks the peaceful island. An Egyptian prince comes to Kaptaria for an official visit and is almost assassinated. Then, the older princess is murdered. A hunt for her killer begins. A series of earthquakes disturb the mythological Minotaur and free him from his labyrinth. Intense action, natural disasters, political intrigue, mythology, and the age old struggle of good versus evil make for an exciting adventure.

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About the author David McCormick

David McCormick taught art history and other visual art courses for over thirty years and during that time became fascinated with Minoan art and culture. On visiting Greece and the island of Crete in 2001 he began writing Dark Labyrinth. He lives in Kerrville, Texas where he is still a visual artist and is working on the sequel to this novel, Eye of the Pyramid.

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