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Ed Sutter

Ed Sutter was born and raised in and around Cleveland, Ohio. He claims that, in order to evade the draft, he enlisted in the Marine Corps—it worked—he was never drafted. Over four years the Marines sent him to some very hot places. Upon discharge, he returned to Ohio and found that he could no longer tolerate the Cleveland weather. He needed to move somewhere sunny, and Arizona filled the bill.
Ed has a Masters in Business Administration. Over the years he’s worked as a paperboy, truck driver, electronics technician, manufacturing engineer, test engineer, and technical writer. Before he moved into fiction, he wrote manuals, procedures, or technical instructions.
Ed has studied and taught Oriental martial arts for around thirty years. In his spare time—such as it is—he reads, writes, snow skis, scuba dives, plays racquetball, golfs, and runs.
In 2001, he decided to write the type of books he enjoyed reading. Since then, he’s completed five novel-length manuscripts and four screenplays. The Magic Shop is his first published story.

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